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Free Fitness Resources

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The Fitness Starter Kit Ep. 1 Cheat Sheet

A list of small, sustainable changes you can make to improve your health in two categories:

  • Relationship to Health

  • Physical Health

This cheat sheet is designed to accompany Episode 1 of my Fitness Starter Kit series which you can watch here. It includes lists of both positive (additive) and negative (subtractive) changes you can make to help you reach your fitness goals without feeling overwhelmed. There is bound to be a few changes you’ll see on here that you can easily implement since it covers all four pillars of health:

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Sleep

  • Stress

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The Macro Perfecter Tool

Figure out the BEST macros for YOUR body to help you reach your goals as fast as possible!

This is tool in the form of an excel spreadsheet. It will help you perfect your macros. For reference on how to use this calculator, watch this video. The video covers the following:

  • The simple way to calculate your macros

  • Whether you should do high-carb or low-carb for weight loss and muscle building

  • How to go in depth to find the perfect macros for your body

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Weekly Macro Averager

This tool is designed to allow you to use more intuitive eating strategies while still hitting your weekly average macro goals. Eating the same number of calories and macros every day can get quite boring and isn’t conducive to everyday life nor to learning to eat intuitively and not having to track everything. This tool gives you the freedom to listen to your body and still make sure you stay on track.

Usage notes:

  • The video demonstration for how to use this tool and why it is useful can be found here and linked in the second tab of the document.

  • Step by step instructions for how to use it can be found on the second tab

  • excel is required to open this document

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Cardio Info Guide

This 7 page PDF links to 9 different posts from me about cardio. The combination of these posts gives you an understanding of not only why cardio is not ideal for long term fat loss but also how it can be implemented in a healthy way to help you achieve your fitness goals.

These posts also discuss:

  • How much cardio I personally did to get abs

  • Why I don’t do any cardio on a reverse diet

  • The benefits of HIIT

  • How to hit your step goals

  • Why I am so passionate about sharing this information

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Lose fat, Build muscle, Get lean

This resource guide lists my top videos to help you learn the basics of getting lean. It includes my best videos on how to lose fat and also my best videos on how to build muscle. It was created to be a supplementary resource to my video on how to get a flat stomach.

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CBD Resources

This 6 page PDF links to 8 of my favorite articles/videos that I found while researching CBD and its effects on the body. This PDF is supplemental material for my video titled CBD Benefits, Science, & Side Effects. I recommend you watch that video first for context and then dive into the additional resources linked in this document to learn more

These links elaborate on:

  • the endocannabinoid system

  • How CBD works

  • The benefits of cbd

  • links to studies on cbd and cannabinoids