One Hour Consultation with Marisa


  • One hour video call

  • Advice on next steps to help you achieve your goals

  • Evaluation of your current plan and suggestions for improvement

  • Ask me any/all of your health & fitness questions

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I was lucky enough to get a consultation with Marisa to discuss my options following a plateau in my weight loss journey. She had clearly prepared for the call by analysing the information I’d given her and came up with a list of easy changes I could implement to start seeing progress again.
When you are embarking on a fitness journey on your own, yes there is a lot of information available everywhere to help and support you, but being able to talk to an expert like Marisa whether it is to correct the plan, improve it, or just reassure you that you are doing the right things, this is invaluable. Marisa was excellent. She knows her stuff, she is friendly and approachable. I strongly recommend this consultation!
— Cecile

If sold out, check back in a week or two! I’m currently only accepting a few at a time to make sure everyone gets the time and attention they are paying for and to avoid a scheduling nightmare or long wait time.

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