How to Ensure Continual Growth and Progress

I got a comment today from someone who was unhappy with some of the topics I have chosen to start looking into, saying that I was pursuing pseudoscience. This was mainly in reference to the #ScienceSunday post I did about grounding this week. At first I was just a little offended that this person chose to come after me for this but as I started to mull it over, I realized just how dangerous of a mindset this can be.

Two years ago, I believed that BCAAs were life and that I needed to consume protein within 30 minutes of my workouts. I believed that x number of calories would break your fast. I believed that the most effective way to burn fat was through cardio.

It was only through exploring ideas that I was unfamiliar with and reading opinions that were different from my own that I came to understand that I was wrong about all of these things. It was only because I questioned things and was openminded that I was able to find the truth.

Science is one of the most concrete things we have to rely on but it is also constantly changing. We are always learning more and more that challenges our past beliefs and understanding of the human body and this universe. Sticking staunchly to one’s beliefs and refusing to be open to new information and research is the quickest path to ignorance. 

Dismissing ideas that disrupt your world view as “pseudoscience” and only accepting theories that are in  agreement with your beliefs is an easy way to get caught in an echo chamber. It leads to stagnation of thought and understanding. It gets you nowhere. 

In order to progress, you must be open to learning and changing. To grow, you must be willing to branch out. You must step out of the box you have put yourself in. 

Just because something isn’t familiar to you doesn’t make it wrong. 

My channel and page have always been designed to be my place to explore and share what I learn as I study and dive into different topics. I like to explore a wide range of ideas and concepts. If you don’t like some of them, it is up to you to scroll on past. But I highly encourage you to take a moment and give it a chance. I’m not asking you to agree with everything I say (as I always say, you should question everything and I’m super happy to have a civil discussion with anyone who disagrees with me!) but just to take a moment and think a little deeper before you dismiss an idea. 

Marisa Chaela